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Single position systems

General Description

ELS21 serie is a patented smart optical device, which is usually combined with a hydraulic steering cylinder. The main application is on rough terrain machines, to detect when the wheels are correctly aligned. The alignment occurs when the sensor detects a different refraction index zone, which is marked on the hydraulic cylinder. As the sensor is mounted on the cylinder, the applications can be multiple, wherever a cylinder is present. The product is available in 6 different versions, for example with M12 4 pole standard connector, with 3 pole automotive connectors or with open leads 3 wire in different lengths.
The product is based on reflective sensor as input stage, a computing unit based on microprocessor device and an output high side driver, which is able to drive high current load, up to 700mA.
The sensor includes "smart" functions that are able to improve the life of the system, the reliability (MTTFd>120years) and guarantee the robustness in a harsh environment (temperature variations, cylinder markers wearing, component degradation, presence of electromagnetic disturbs etc.).

Download datasheet ELS21

Download datasheet ELS25
(with diagnostic)

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