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Cylinder with single position control

Cylinder with absolute position control

12V and 24V power supply
High EM immunity

700mA current output
plug&play/simple installation
Load dump resistant
MTTFd > 120 years
Inversion of polarity protection
Overload protection
Smart interface and smart algorithm
Available also with self-diagnostic functions

12V and 24V power supply
The easiest to be assembled (plug&play)
Non invasive (contactless, no rod drilling)
Installable on double effect cylinders
Installable on small diameter cylinders
High EM immunity
Precise, accurate and absolute measure
High reliability (MTTF = 180 years)
Smart electronics with adaptive algorithms
Load dump resistant

Stabilizers position detection
Center position detection of steering cylinder
"all in" and "all out" cylinder position detection
Automatic functions implementation
Steering control on 4 wheels steering machines
Safety concepts implementations

Precise plow and seeder control
Suspensions control
Levelling control, levelling functions
Steering control/automatic steering
Multi axle systems (trailers axle control)
Lift cylinders control


Download datasheet

Download datasheet

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