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Continuos position systems

General Description

In order to know continuously the absolute position of the rod in a cylinder (oleodynamic cylinders application for example), Optoi developed a reflective sensor, based on optical technology. The patented platform is based on smart sensor, based on optical emitters and receivers, combined to a robust bar code’s type, which is located on the rod of the piston. The bar code is made according to more than 10 years of experience in the automotive machines for industrial and agricultural market. A portion of this codification is detectable continuously, during the piston’s motion in the cylinder, through suitable detecting means which are usually arranged in the cylinder of the cylinder-piston unit.
The main advantages of this innovative measuring method, compared to the traditional ones (magnetostrictive and potentiometers), are: the absence of installation workforce (the sensor can be simply plugged into the cylinder envelope, not into the rod), the contactless of the measure (optical reflection principle), the suitability for steering cylinders (passing through rod), the robustness of the rod (which can be solid and not drilled) and finally the absence of calibration/easy substitution.
In few words, a plug & play and reliable technology.

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